December 6, 2009

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Find Turkish and Bosnian coffee in Houston, the city of coffee!

When most people think of Houston, Texas, they may not immediately jump to coffee. But as Rob Wash points out in an article published by Houston Press, there are tons of great places to find Turkish coffee in Houston. He specifically points out the Turquoise Grill Brick Oven Bistro, Empire Turkish Grill and Cafe Pita.

Wash also delights us with some knowledge of Turkish coffeehouse history:

There were no bars or taverns in the alcohol-freeOttoman Empire, so the coffeehouse was the center of social life. And it was the Turks who gave us many of our coffeehouse traditions. My friends from Bosnia andCroatia consider it vaguely antisocial to drink coffee at home. You drink coffee in a coffeehouse. But having a Turkish or Bosnian coffee is not like knocking back a quick cup of joe in a diner — it’s a social occasion.

The preparation of Turkish-style coffee is very complex. The powdery coffee grounds are slowly cooked with cold water over a gentle heat source in a single-serving copper ewer until the highly desirable foam forms on top and the fine grounds sink to the bottom. There are various methodologies; some call for double or triple heating.