April 27, 2015

Turkish cardiologist suggests Turkish coffee for children

Turkish internal diseases and cardiology specialist, Professor Canan Karatay, has drawn attention to the stimulating effect of Turkish coffee on the brain, and said that children can drink Turkish coffee as much as they like as long as it is sugar-free. “Coffee is a very powerful antioxidant. Although sugar causes damage in the brain, coffee repairs it,” she continued. She said healthy nutrition and natural foods are highly important for children and stressed that children should never consume artificial and packed foods. Stating that Turkey is rich in olives, olive oil, hazelnuts and hazelnut oil, she continued, “Parents should familiarize their children with these natural food sources. Children need to consume natural village eggs and fatty lamb meat. It is also important for children to eat lamb’s feet.” According to Professor Karatay, these foods contain calcium, protein, mineral, vitamin omega-3 fatty acid and all healthy fats that children need during adolescence. She also claimed that children become mentally alert during adolescence when they consume vitamins A, D, E, and K apart from other nutrition sources.

Daily Sabah News, April, 27, 2015