April 24, 2013

What kind of coffee can you use to make Turkish coffee?

What kind of coffee can you use to make Turkish coffee? Any kind will do. It is the “method” that provides the health benefits (because it is unfiltered) and the delicious taste. As long as coffee beans are grind to a fine powder and brewed in specially designed pots that help produce foam, you’re good to go.

Most major grocery stores in US have a grinder with a Turkish setting, usually on the far right on the dial. Thus, you can buy any kind coffee bean at your grocery store, grind it and brew it using the Turkish method.

Note: “Turkish” grind and “espresso” grinds are NOTinterchangeable. The espresso grind is more coarse (perfect for making… you guessed it, espresso). Commercial coffee grinders need to be fitted with special burrs, or re-calibrated to produce Turkish grind. 

TCW-0025A-2T That said, manufacturing coffee is an art. From purchasing to roasting and grinding to packaging, every stage of the process calls for a variety of skills and expertise as well as great attention to detail.It takes a perfectionist to choose the highest quality coffee beans, a good ear to hear the songs sung by the beans as they roast, and meticulous attention and care to grind the coffee correctly. 

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