February 24, 2012

A look inside Mehmet Efendi– the industry standard for Turkish coffee.

Mehmet Efendi is a favorite at Turkish Coffee World, and an industry-standard worldwide. Take a look at their original shop in Istanbul, open since 1871!

They have a great English website where you can find more information about their uniquely flavored product.

“This is the original shop, located at Eminonu district of Istanbul, where Mr. Mehmet Efendi started his roasting company in 1871. Today it is the oldest and the biggest roasting company in Turkey. Even though there are many brands these days, people still line up in front of it everyday to buy freshly roasted coffee.”

They also package their coffee for a global audience, using sophisticated filling and sealing machines– as well as specially designed cans that prolong the coffee’s freshness– that allow them to offer each customer a cup of coffee as fresh as the day it was ground.You can buy Mehmet Efendi at our store by clicking the link; we have two sizes, and the option to purchase by-the-case for greater value.