January 20, 2012

Turkish coffee potential symbol for EU bid

It’s becoming clear that European Union Affairs Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış aims to place Turkish coffee in the limelight of cultural negotiations. Ilhan Çulha recently published an recently published an article over at Today’s Zaman that illustrates that fascinating intersection– where Turkish coffee meets politics.

At a speech to organized by the Turkish Coffee Culture and Research AssociationBağış declared his support for Turkey’s premier beverage with staunch pride:  

“I drink Turkish coffee and claim it as my own,” he said. He also noted that “Turkish coffee is a good symbol for Turkey’s accession process to the European Union.”

Bağış had more interesting things to say, noting that the culture and originality of the beverage should not be sacrificed for technological advancement– perhaps a statement critical of the European Union’s tendency toward cultural standardization?

You can check out the article here. We agree that Turkish coffee is a great metaphor for the freshness of Turkey’s political and cultural aspirations. What do you think?