December 13, 2011

Dear Albanians: We Are At Your Service!

Yes folks, it’s that wonderful time of year again.

Lately things have been hectic at Turkish Coffee World as we gear up for the holiday rush (who wouldn’t want to find a Turkish coffee gift basket underneath the Christmas tree?) That’s no excuse for the measly posting rate on this blog– but I do plan to post far more often as we approach the new year.
Pending that whole end-of-the-world scenario falls flat, of course.
Although much of our energy has been directed toward our seasonal traffic, we are proud to make a very special announcement: Kafe Shqiptare has produced the worlds first uniquely Albanian coffee! 
And here’s the best part: we are now the sole U.S. supplier for their Albanian coffee!
We are overjoyed by this opportunity to support Albanian culture!
From the shores of the Adriatic to the smallest mountain village and from the streets of Tirana to the cities of the New World, there is one thing that brings together all Albanians: love of coffee.
Kafe Shqiptare was born out of an independent spirit and a love of the distinctive coffee-house culture Albanians share. Kafe Shqiptare SKËNDERBEU has introduced the world’s first uniquely Albanian coffee, firmly rooted in the finest traditions of the Albanian coffee house.
You heard it here, folks: We now carry delicious, finely-ground, neighborhood-style Albanian coffee.
This truly is a Turkish Coffee World.

Alright– I’m off to go caroling, TCW style!

“Jezvehs roasting on an open fire…”