November 17, 2011

Hip New Southern California Turkish Coffee Shop

We are proud to announce the opening of Dripp Coffee in Chino Hills, California! 

Fed up with the usual spread of mega-corporate coffeehouses, stale gas station coffee and fast food frappes, Inland Empire coffeeconsumers are craving something different– and better. Luckily for them, Dripp will offer Turkish coffee as a permanent menu item, along with organic baked goods and coffeehouse standards-done-right. And you don’t even have to drive to L.A.!

With that in mind, we wish the best to our friends in Chino Hills, Dripp. Be sure to check out their recent feature in LA Weekly:       

A few years ago, Rabih Sater was working in the energy industry. A few years ago, the country was mired in a Great Recession, and the energy industry, like most other industries then (and now), slowed down considerably. Rather than holding out to become, say, an oil baron à la Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood, Sater decided to focus on an entirely different type of black gold: coffee. His “coffee boutique,” Dripp, opens in The Shoppes at Chino Hills this week and brings Intelligentsia beans and Turkish coffee to the Inland Empire.

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