May 31, 2011

By Any Ethnic Name, Turkish Coffee The Best Buzz Around

Leon Kaye posted a great article about the politics of Turkish coffee for, researching the words that people call the beverage and regional differences in preparation and presentation. armenian_coffee_cup1306802134

“The best coffee, however, is Turkish coffee. Armenians will cry foul at that moniker, as Armenian coffee is the perfect ending for a meal whether you are in Glendale or Yerevan. Greek coffee at a Plaka cafe after traipsing about the Acropolis is a nice cap after a day playing tourist.

Whatever country you may be in, just be sure to name the coffee based on what it is called within that country’s borders. Political sensitivities aside, however, most experts agree that the coffee bean made its way from Ethiopia to Cairo and Mecca, and eventually, to Istanbul–where coffee culture then started to thrive. Hence the general term, “Turkish coffee.”

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