June 25, 2009

Turkish coffee

Steve Woolsey, a designer, composer, writer and performer shares some musings on Turkish coffee. 

I have been trying to find a decent cup of Turkish coffee in the area for some time. I’ve even tried to find the right tools and ingredients to brew it at home. Ever since I first had a cup in the Czech Republic, it quickly ascended to the top of my beverage-based experiences.

I recently found a cafe not far from my apartment that serves said coffee. It’s called Sweetness 7 (corner of Grant & Lafayette in Buffalo). I had been there a few times prior, but hadn’t realized that the menu included this delicacy.

A few days ago I stopped over to try a cup (a mere $2!), and was surprised and impressed to find what lengths they went to provide an excellent Turkish coffee experience. It was served on a fancy little tray with a small cup for drinking, a small flask of cream, the entire pot of coffee straight off the stove, and one of the best walnut brownies I’ve had in some time.

This is an experience that I will seek out several times a week, for as long as I live in this city.