June 21, 2009

The best venues to drink Turkish coffee in İstanbul

Murat Tokay published an article in Today’s Zaman, a popular English language newspaper in Turkey, about some fantastic spots to grab a cup of Turkish coffee in Istanbul. 300px-Istanbul_-_Pierre_Loti_Cafe_-_01

Tokay begins with one of our favorite spots, Pierre Loti Cafe: Located on the hills of Eyüp, with an amazing view of the Golden Horn, the Pierre Loti Cafe is a popular venue for those who want to escape the city. The cafe can be reached by walking up stairs passing through the cemetery located next to the Eyüp Sultan mosque. If you sit near the very front, you can see an amazing view of the Golden Horn before you and sip a delicious cup of coffee. The cafe gets its name from famous French author Pierre Loti, who lived between 1850 and 1923. As a naval officer, Loti came to Turkey in 1876 and stayed for a year. It was during that same year that he discovered the historical coffee on the hills of Eyüp. Ever since then, the cafe on that hill has been called Pierre Loti.He goes on to discuss several great places to get Turkish coffeeheated on coals and cooked on sand, some of the best ways to prepare this delicious drink.

One other thing worth pointing out is Tokay’s discussion about theTurkish Coffee Culture and Research Foundation, a recently created group:

The chairman of the foundation is Atom Damalı, its members include people who contribute a great deal to the sector such as Ahmet Örs, Mehmet Aksel, Merve Gürsel, Osman Serim, Semir Orcan and Ali Sözmen. The mission of the foundation is to set up a standard of how to make Turkish coffee and give it the global attention it deserves. The foundation is also planning to write a book and film a comprehensive documentary on Turkish coffee.We’re certainly going to keep an eye on the Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Foundation, and we wish them the best!