May 19, 2009

For Albanian brides, the pressure is on!

It’s not easy being an Albanian bride. They’re judged on appearance, behavior, pedigree — and, of course, coffee-making skills.

Six brides were put to the test Sunday during a Mother’s Day celebration at the Albanian-American Cultural and Islamic Center Hasan Prishtina on Columbia Boulevard in Waterbury. Organizers made a game of the Albanian tradition of coffee-serving by having six brides compete on who can make coffee and serve their mothers-in-law the fastest.

Each lined up with a small burner, a serving tray, small cup and saucer and a xhezve, a Turkish coffee cooker, in front of them. They worked fast, spooning Turkish coffee and sugar in the xhezve and enough water to fill a small Turkish coffee cup, about the size of an espresso cup. The coffee cooked in the burner, with each bride watching the boiling point as relatives cheered them on.