August 5, 2008

Turkish coffee vs Greek coffee

While reading a forum based in London, i came across this thread about using the term Turkish coffee as opposed to Greek Coffee. The post raises some very interesting points:


This has generated a lively debate since I posted it
last week.
I think the winner is Sotirios with his
“Its Turkish coffee, and Turkish delight or
Lokoumia as we say in Greek which is another variation on the Turkish word
Lokoum (apologies to turkish speakers if spelling is off a bit).
We should
all acknowledge that centuries of living next to or with each other mean that
ideas and customs have been exchanged.“

The fascist Greek Junta tried to change the centuries
old Turkish coffee into Greek coffee in 1974 at the height of the anti-Turkish
hysteria about Cyprus when it issued a decree banning the use of words such as
Turkish coffee and Tourkolimani (Turkish port – name of the main port in

To insist calling
Turkish coffee Greek coffee is a form of racism.

I congratulate Sotirios and all other contributors who reject this form
of racism.

So whatever nationality cook yourself a nice cup of Turkish
coffee in an ‘ibrik’ or a ‘cezve’ and enjoy it with some Turkish delight!


Tourkikos cafes
Caffe Turco
Türkischer kaffee
Café Turc
Türk kahves



London, England