March 13, 2008

Bosnian Coffee Maker in a Play!


Recently I received a call from a theater company who wanted to purchase one of my coffee makers from Bosnia for a play that is coming up! How cool is that!!!! Check it out if you live in the area.

Presented by

The Shea Theater
Turners Falls, Massachusetts
Phone: (413) 586-6095

THE MUSIC LESSON tells the story of Irena and her husband Ivan, two musicians who escaped the war in Sarajevo to start a new life in Pittsburgh. They become music teachers again as the play shifts from past to present from Sarajevo to America as THE MUSIC LESSON becomes a tale of two countries, two families, two generations and the ways they teach and heal each other.Weaving together the music of Bach with the memories of the Bosnian War!

First person from the audience that sends me a photo of this coffee maker will receive a FREE Turkish coffee and a coffee maker! (email your replies to